I'm Alison - author, editor, copywriter and consultant.

Most new start ups struggle with putting into words who they are, who they serve, and what they do. That's where I come in. Click below to receive a complimentary copywriting evaluation of your website to improve your brand messaging and get the results you want.


I'm passionate about helping new businesses move from ideation into reality. I use crystal clear writing, a keen creative eye, and high impact marketing strategies to help my clients gain funding, build a brand, and perfect their messaging when launching into the world. My goal is to provide clients with agency quality work with the accessibility of an independent contractor.

The projects I work on span industries, ranging from hospitality to the arts to regenerative agriculture to technology. However, all of my clients are bonafide dreamers - working to bring their gifts into the world and solve big problems through creative innovation. Each year, I also select a handful of book projects to work on as an editor, helping authors write from the soul and build platforms that support their mission.


"Alison is a master at her craft. Working with her is an absolute pleasure in every possible way." - Andrea Morris MSW, LCSW, DOT SAP, founder of Morris Consulting

"Collaborating with Alison has been one of the most important things our start up could have ever done. She is a genius." - Conrad Poston, cofounder at Emerald Ascent

"She is impeccable, innovative, and an inspirational communicator with action plans to solve social issues." - Holly Werstein, founder & CEO of Journal to Save Your Life

"She's a powerhouse of intelligence and creativity. Her depths of insight and business acumen bring refreshing clarity to any project she touches." - Brooke Losey, founder at Asheville Business Arts

"Alison is the perfect combination of ingenuity, heart, and enthusiasm that engages a start-up's latent potential. She really helps make that critical flip into successful implementation of your vision." - Francesco Garripoli, founder of Cafe Global & Community Awake