A 2-hour online masterclass for aspiring authors on the ins and outs of book publishing. Reserve your spot today and save valuable time and money writing your first book and planning its release! 

What You Get:

  •  the differences between publishing types
  •  the key people you need on your team to see a book to completion
  •  how to create a marketing platform to sell your book
  • the hurdles involved with traditional publishing (and how to not get screwed over)
  • the importance of starting with an outline before you write your first draft
  • how to position your book to serve your career
  • the strategies behind some of the top selling books in history
  • the greatest little-known hack to drastically cut down time spent on writing
  • the biggest mistake I made when writing my first book that you must avoid
  • and more! 

Alison Sher, Generational Change Agent, Consultant, Author

I can't wait to teach you everything you need to know to become a published author.

Hi, I'm Alison! I'm a professional writer, editor, speaker, consultant and the author of The Millennial's Guide to Changing the World

If you're serious about making your dream to write a book come true, this class is going to save you up to hours and hours of time and potentially thousands of dollars! Publishing is one of the most competitive industries in the world and also has some of the smallest profit margins. To top that, only 3 percent of people who start writing a book ever finish! Doing this thing right - and doing it all - is the challenge of a lifetime for first time authors. 

Don't embark on this journey ill-equipped. You'll need some help, but you don't have to spend $20k on some fancy self-publishing house to show you the way. In this course, I'll do as much of that as I can for you in two hours, for a mere fraction of the price I charge as a private editorial consultant. 

This online masterclass will be recorded for you to watch with lifetime access if you can't make the live session. Participants will leave with the knowledge needed to bring their book concept from ideation to completion. You'll also get a free digital copy of my first book and a sneak peak at my proposal (which earned me a professional book deal) as an added bonus!

Register today and I'll send you an invoice and the course details. 


Hope you can join us!  

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