I started my career writing for newspapers and magazines about food of all things. People actually paid for me to dip things into sauce and put them in my mouth. It was pretty amazing. 

But after four years of that, I grew tired of reporting on when the latest local celebuchef picked a local mushroom or kissed a baby. Even writing about food from a farm-to-table perspective began to feel lame to me, when there was much more that needed to be done. 

I graduated from college right into the Great Recession, and it seemed like the whole world was falling apart. I was lost, depressed, pathologically afraid of of the apocalypse happening, but quickly realized that so were most of my peers. Al Gore was telling us that we were going to all die in a giant CO2 tidal wave. Everything I had been told about who I was and what I was supposed to do with my life seemed like a giant, nefarious lie created by some other generation. The media was blaming all of society's problems on us. There were no good jobs anywhere - especially for young graduates. So we had to create our own. 

( You think being a generational change agent is an obscure profession? Try billing yourself as a hot sauce enthusiast.) 

Yet amidst this dearth of opportunities, I found myself drowning in the options of the modern age. Should I become a vegan nomad peddling feather earrings? Or a young urban intellectual attempting to make a living studying the humanities? 

So I did what any other self-respecting millennial would have done. I combined the two and set off on a year-long road trip to create a "me-search" project that would eventually become The Millennial's Guide to Changing the World. I interviewed over 200 members of my generation in the age period known as emerging adulthood.

Of course, writing a magnum opus and becoming the voice of a generation took way longer than I expected. Five years later when The Millennial's Guide was published, I realized, "Sh*t! What have I done? I might actually be stuck saying the world millennial 20x a day for the rest of my life." 

Alongside the writing of the book, I've also:

  • hosted a public radio talk show 
  • launched and supported over 20 different social enterprises through copywriting and creative consulting and strategy 
  • became a graduate of The Millennial Management Institute and learning how companies can save up to hundreds of millions of dollars on turnover through created HR systems and cultures that appeal to young employees based on private research
  • served as an editor and biographer on five other books and two online magazines 
  • published articles in The Huffington Post, Mic, Elephant Journal, Rebelle Society, WNC Woman Magazine, The City Paper, The Intentional Quarterly, Numundo, and more  
  • undergone hundreds of hours of personal growth seminars and professional therapy sessions from some of the world's greatest healers 
  • earned a license to teach my peers how money works, and help catalyze the largest generational wealth transfer in recored history  

What I've realized during this walkabout is that intergenerational tensions are what have evolved civilization since the beginning of time. And if anything is going to get us out of the tenuous situation we find ourselves in, it's going to be all of the generations coming together - despite our different value systems, cultural expressions, and seemingly irreconcilable conflicts of interest - to share our gifts, unite around our common why, and do what has to be done at this time to enable a future for the generations to come. 

It's for this reason that I am so passionate about empowering my peers and everyone who is impacted by us, through the inner and outer work you can find here. 

My programs & services are most effective for:  

  • Mixed up twenty-something searching for a sense of self  
  • young millennial leaders starting their first social impact venture 
  • established businesses wondering how to future-proof your enterprise, retain top young talent, and create a thriving intergenerational company culture  

If any of these describe you, you'll find massive relief in reading (or listening) to my book. 


"The Millennial's Guide to Changing the World is heartfelt, discerning, candid, comprehensive, and stubbornly hopeful. It's exactly what we need in a roadmap to the future."  

—Sam Sacks, Fiction Chronicle editor, The Wall Street Journal


"The message behind this is so amazing and it’s time to join the movement!”  

—Khloe Kardashian, Reality TV Star (yeah, it happened)


"Funny, engaging, and timely! Where was this book when I was coming up?!"

—Jed Emerson, author of The Purpose of Capital, founder of the Blended Value Group 


"Alison Sher is a force of nature, which is reflected in every page of this book. It will challenge every preconception we old(er) folks have about millennials."

—Chip Hauss, fellow of innovation at the Alliance for Peacebuilding


"I have never encountered another writer like Alison Sher. Her voice is immediate, sharp and clear, and full of life; her vision is like no other I have encountered, either, landing on the smallest yet most telling detail with a kind of delicacy and strength that makes details sing. I love her writing. Period." 

—Bret Lott, NY Times bestselling author of Jewel