“Alison is a true asset to our company. Her strong self direction coupled with leadership backed by experience helps to move our projects forward in the direction we knew we wanted to go, but didnt have the right map to get there. She is efficient with her time and creates high quality content that requires little to no editing. Alison is very personable and relatable at the human level, while maintaining a professional and productive relationship."

- Conner McCarrick, founder of Emerald Ascent

“When I asked Alison to be my editor, I had a little spark of an idea for a small book. Alison ignited my idea for that project and dutifully tended to that fire until the book burst forth into reality. I honestly do not think I could have written from such a deep place in my soul without her standing beside me. I am deeply grateful for Alison and it was an honor to work beside her. Everything about my business has changed for the better as a result. She will be my first call when I write my next book. I simply cannot recommend her enough. 

- Katie Ashley, author of Living Life on Purpose 

“I have never encountered another writer like Alison Sher. Her voice is immediate, sharp and clear, and full of life; her vision is like no other I have encountered, either, landing on the smallest yet most telling detail with a kind of delicacy and strength that makes details sing. She is a mature writer, able to shake up a sentence and hold it in clear focus. I love her writing. Period.”

- Bret Lott, New York Times bestselling author of Jewel

“Alison’s renderings of my reflections and memories of my past are precisely on message. Her interview style, with stimulating open ended questions, feels almost therapeutic. Her depictions have made my history come alive to be of a higher interest.”

- Dean Mogelgaard, biography comissioner 

Alison Sher was integral in our official launch into the public’s eye. We hired her to design our website, write content to speak to the mental health issues we openly deal with, and sharpen our vision. She worked with us for two years in this way, and I consider her a founding member of our mission. She is impeccable and innovative in how she manages details, disparate ideas, and launches social enterprises through marketing and community building. She has committed her life to working with nonprofits and individual entrepreneurs with action plans to help solve social issues. She is an inspirational writer and communicator, and an important person in our society.

- Holly Werstein, founder of Journal to Save Your Life