These are a handful of the amazing brands I've helped develop and the organizations I've partnered with over the years. The industries drastically range from food & beverage to personal growth to online apps to organic farming co-operatives and more. The common thread they share is that they're innovation-oriented and have been sparked into existence by the spirit of creativity and service. 

Marmalade Magazine - staff writer & editor Elli Richter Life Coach - website copywriting & editing LUVWORX - cofounder, conceptual development, 501c3 filing Homecoming Retreat - cofounder, copywriting, business development BYBS - cofounder, copywriting, crowdfunding, R&D Emerald Ascent Organic Hemp - branding development, in-house copywriter 96.3 FM OHM Radio - crowdfunding copyediting, underwriting sales, radio show host The International Trauma Resolution & Resiliency Center - online course content creator Journal to Save Your Life - staff writer The Global CoLab Network - advisory board member Into the Tangled Garden - course co-creator, copywriting Best Chefs America - editor-in-chief Guardian Alliance - online course editor Unification World - website & content editing Waking Beauty - course creation Townew Intelligent Technology - online copyediting Students for a Free Tibet - chapter president, event planning & fundraising content Puna Community Currency - board member, copywriting & editing Butcher & Bee - brand development EES & CO. - copywriting, brand development The Charleston City Paper - contributing writer Solidworks Zen - course launch email marketing campaign  


If you have an idea for a book, I can also guide you through the entire publishing process - whether you want to self-publish or go the traditional publishing route. I've done them both. If you have a completed manuscript that needs editing, I can make it sing with strength, life, feeling, and clarity, so that you are proud of the final product with your name on it.  

Anyone who has written a book will tell you that it takes an incredible amount of discipline. That's why only 3 percent of people who want to write books ever finish them.  

I make sure that you finish.  

I served as the lead editor of Leave Only Footprints, My Morning Walks (coming soon), The Extreme Matters, and Living Life on Purpose

 I wrote The Life & Times of Izzie Dean and The Millennial's Guide to Changing the World, which was released in 2018 under Skyhorse Publishing. My second original nonfiction concept, Humanity Squared, is currently in development.