Every year I take on a select group of books to work on - serving as a ghostwriter, developmental and line editor, and executive coach. I've helped 10 books become a reality thus far - all of which have been in the non-fiction and biography genres.

Here's what one of my past clients has to say:

"Alison has been a pleasure to work with - especially her style and method of interviewing. Her renderings of memories and reflections of my past are right on the message. She has depicted me in a way that has made my history come alive and be of higher interest to the reader." - Dean Mogelgaard,
biography commissioner

If you're interested in bringing your book to life,
schedule an intro call and learn more about what it takes to cross the finish line.

Dreaming of writing your first book?

This 2 hour masterclass will show you how to save hundreds of hours of time writing your first book. It will also teach you the ins and outs of book publishing.

I offer this Masterclass as an affordable way of getting publishing consulting from me.

You'll learn:

  • the differences between publishing types
  •  the key people you need on your team to see a book to completion
  •  how to create a marketing platform to sell your book
  • the hurdles involved with traditional publishing (and how to not get screwed over)
  • the importance of starting with an outline before you write your first draft
  • how to position your book to serve your career
  • the strategies behind some of the top selling books in history
  • the greatest little-known hack to drastically cut down time spent on writing
  • the biggest mistake I made when writing my first book that you must avoid
  • and more!